We all know it is called “angling” for a reason.  It’s the correct combination of a myriad of elements that separate “anglers” from ordinary fisherman.  Why do we offer a variety colored 6-pack??  Think in your head of the best color to use in dark, low visibility water (even at night)…….

Would you be surprised to know it’s a brilliant charcoal or black color that’s most effective in that murk?  The point is that you never know what nature will show you on that day of fishing.  In 2017 we have advantages like never before.  Science, materials, sonar, and GPS have changed things.  Like our jigs for instance.  We have access to the worlds strongest, most advanced raw materials to create the world’s’ most effective jigs, for big game or small.  We know the colors to use and when to use them.  This isn’t the 19th century.  It’s now, and Reeldiculous the future.  We want you all to have the best advantages in your angling because, hey, a boat full of fish has a different feeling than one without…..and you know exactly what I mean….

Jig Colors Diagram

Color distance loss through fish eyes diagramed above:

–  15 feet or beyond the reds look gray to a fish in any water

–  40 feet of water is the limit for the yellows before they go gray

–  80 feet is when the greens start to fade into obscurity

–  90+ feet is where the darker purples and blues lose their short wave-length effect

These distances are scientifically proven and will drastically shape what catches a fish’s eye and what doesn’t.  In water, the longest color wave-lengths are absorbed first, hence reds are gobbled up almost instantly into a gray.  These color distances occur equally both vertically and horizontally.  It’s all a matter of contrast.  It seems counter-intuitive to think a black will work best in dark, murky conditions, right?  Those conditions are very effective using dark jigs with radical color contrasts like stripes or light colored lines.  On the contrary, in clear tropical water almost any solid (boring) color is like fish candy.  We’ve engineered our color designs to be effective in all conditions, while also trying to dial in the right colors for the right objective.  It comes down to heavy contrast which is why ALL our jigs have a deep dark component with a very contrasting lighter color.  This keeps our design’s “all-around use” aspect while also providing 6 vastly differing color variations to best fit the situation.

Every angler knows the fish they’re after, what depths they live and what season they mate and feed.  Keep in mind that simple research on those fish and their patterns will tell you which Reeldiculous jig is your best bet in any situation.  You’ll know the colors of the fish they want to eat and the fish they want to meet.  Fish will remain simple, but with our advances a fish’s minor complexities is what we now use against them.  The domination is in the preparation.  Welcome to the future…..this is chess, it ain’t checkers…….fish on……Informed.

5 replies on “Jig Colors and Their Importance

  • fish mom

    Integrity is ALWAYS the name of the game in any operation, including angling. When two young men can begin a successful and growing business and then give thanks to their families that stand behind them I can think of no other company I would rather do business with. To me, their products represent their character.

    • JigZhar

      That means a lot. We’re nothing without our families and their support. Fish on Fish Mom…love your name. We give the same jigs to our moms as we do our customers. This is a family thing…

  • JigNut

    I actually followed this article with my last 6-pack I bought. Unreal. It’s correct. The Orange Brown color and purple did best in overcast murky water. Makes no sense at all, but it was right on. The glow jigs had much less success. These guys are next level. They are right, they changed the jigging game. Very impressed.

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