Game Changers

Bryan and Ryan saw that it was time to stop the madness. Swapping out rings, hooks, and jigs to make the ideal lure was not an efficient way to fish. With their families behind them, they devoted everything to creating tackle that would be affordable and would withstand the TEST of time. First-hand experience, trial and error, and passion for the sport of fishing led to the genesis of Palomar Fishing and REELdiculous jigs.

Quality is an Overused Word

Palomar Fishing provides the WORLD’S HIGHEST QUALITY fishing gear at affordable prices to serious anglers everywhere on the planet (and we’re not afraid to say it). Our company is determined to save ALL fisherman, both commercial and recreational, the money they deserve in this costly pastime. Never swap out a lure component again. We did all the “exchanging” for you. Our Reeldiculous Jigs color variety, developed out of extensive research, meet optimum underwater optic levels to attract the eye of any fish in all conditions.

Our tournament grade fluorocarbon is created with a state of the art fabrication process that is unrivaled (again, no fear in saying this).

The quality craftsmanship of our products guarantees success from the first strike to the end of the fight. We are proud of our products. We stand by everything we say. Our products are like chains with no weak links. You’ll know the difference the moment you see it.

We are excited to offer our innovative technology to a fishing industry that has suffered long enough from the lack of reliable tackle. Our products are different. The future is now.

Reeldiculous Fishing

“People Like Six Packs, It’s a Scientific Fact.”

— The Palomar Crew

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