Chartreuse Yellow Glow

I want to say that I went on a night fishing trip out of San Diego to Baja, Mex. Everyone was dropping all kinds of lures. In the end, I nailed 6 blue fin on the same jig. No one else got anything. I ended up giving out some of my 6pack to others and they starting getting bites. We were shocked. Every big name jig was in the water with no results and these reeldiculous jigs crushed it. Everyone was taking photos of my 6pack bag to remember the name. That was a memorable night. These jigs are seriously strong and the chartreuse color rules for night drops.

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  • JigNut

    Exact same results for me. I used 1 jig the entire night and hooked 11. Strong. I used the Cotton Candy Glow color. Dominant at night. Another guy was using a Shimano and got ripped off 3 times on smaller fish than me. It’s obvious in 2 seconds when you see palomar vs shimano side by side. It shows that a brand name is only that. The quality was night and day, literally. I gave the Shimano guy one of my Chartreuse Yellow Glow and he nailed 3 in half and hour. Guess that’s why they call them reeldiculous jigs. It’s freakin’ ridiculous strong. The jigging world has a new King for sure.

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