Flat Side Slammer Orange Brown Spotted 100g (3.5oz)


The Orange Brown Spotted color was endlessly tested and it straight up worked? The color range in its details hit every color in the spectrum. Just another color design made to work when you least expect it. The grades on its testing were so high we had to invent this color. This work of art looks like cosmic camouflage and you’ll see why…..It’s a Picasso.

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Out of stock


  • MUSTAD STRONG FORGED HIGH CARBON STEEL Hook connected to a DOUBLE HEAT SHRUNK Military Grade Kevlar Assist Cord
  • MUSTAD STAINLESS STEEL 1000 LB TEST Heavy Pressed Solid Rings & MUSTAD “Mighty Mini” Split Rings W/ 242lb Test
  • DURABLE 5x MULTI-COAT COLOR Utilizing The Top Essential Attractant Colors in Fishing Science / All with a Strong Transparent Sealed Finish
  • OUR Paint Design Have a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN COLOR CONTRAST Blend to Enhace Fish Optical Visibility in All Conditions
  • All REELDICULOUS Components and Products are Made of the Worlds Finest Raw Materials and Highest Quality Craftsmanship

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Weight 3.5 oz

Orange Brown Spotted


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