The Curse of Superstition

The Curse of Superstition

There are select activities on earth that require a lifetime to master; if ever. For thousands of years humans have been angling fish. And to this day, it is simply not mastered, and never will. Other activities are very different, yet strikingly similar by nature. Golf and surfing are two perfect examples. The attige among surfers is that “it takes years of practice to not suck”. That is a very true statement I can acknowledge as a lifelong surfer. Golf is its own monster. Mastering that game is equivalent to splitting the atom.

As human beings it’s safe to say we get bored with an easy activity. It’s in our nature to push the envelope and overcome the challenges of the physical world. After all, the sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour. This is why we are passionate about angling. It is an ongoing chess match between us and the fish, the sea, the conditions, the current, the water temp, the seasons, the regulations, each other……..exhale.

If you golf, you have a favorite club. If you surf you have a favorite board. If you jig, you have a favorite color. I am as guilty as anyone with these superstitious mind games. This is the 21st century, folks. We have to start using technological advances to master the “unmasterable” crafts we covet (or at least try).

Fishing Superstition Palomar Fishing

A surfers favorite board might work perfectly in 6 ft performance waves, but in 1 ft Florida or 20 ft Hawaii, your magic board is useless. A golfer relies on the confidence of the fabled 7 iron…ahhh. But is that the right club to tee-up on a par 5 dewy morning fairway? Or from 30 yards out with a speedy green? NO! Fishing is no different. Sure, maybe your all-time best catch was on a yellow jig. Does that mean yellow is the best choice every time? No! We have to get out of our own way, get out of our own superstitious heads.

Fishing Superstition Palomar FishingScience is helping us believe it or not. Surfers, have a surfboard for tiny waves, medium waves, and giant waves. Golfers, there are 14 clubs in the bag for a reason. And Anglers…..know your target, know the conditions, and use the right jig style and color to maximize your chances of mastery. Palomar Fishing acknowledges the subtle variances in lures and pushes the standard. Carefully selected color schemes made for every occasion. Fish have been winning for eons. It’s our time now. Our goal is for every angler to arrive home a winner. Even though fish can give off a sour stench, in victory, their taste is ohhh so sweet. Palomar’s Reeldiculous 6-pack of jigs exists to provide anglers the optimum weapon for all possible situations. Get barrelled, shoot and eagle or get bent. Different exhilarations that are all interconnected….

*Pro surfer Kelly Slater golfs more than he surfs, while pro surfer Joel Parkinson fishes more than he surfs. Both trying to combine the delicate balance of stress and peace as only our sports can.

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